Unisex Tie-Free Silicone Shoelaces Round Elastic Shoe Laces Special No Tie Shoelaces


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Brand Name: SUOBUCK

Material: Silicone

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Guangdong

Item Type: Shoelaces

Model Number: SLG04

Pattern Type: Solid

Feature: No tie shoelaces

Package including :12 pcs shoelaces = (1 pair )

We will send the goods within 24 hours after payment (48 hours on weekends)

Laces are also every parent’s nightmare and every athlete’s hassle.

How many times have you found yourself trying to get your family out the door to get somewhere and your kids are fumbling with their shoelaces for so long you give up and tell them to just put on sandals?

How many times have you gone for a run and your laces come untied?

We felt that there had to be a better, more interesting solution. That is why we came up with us: to free you from bows and knots, and to let you customize and redesign your footwear.

Solve your troubles

Applicable to any scene


a. How many shoelaces come in each pack?

Each pack includes 12pcs for adults ans 10pcs for kid, all in the same color combination.

b. Do shoelaces have sizes?

this shoelaces are one size only. Given their patented elasticity, they adapt to your foot and are super-comfortable.

c. Do I need to unfasten my shoelaces to take my sneakers off?

No, this turn your shoes into slip-ons, so after connecting them the first time, you will never have to unfasten them again.

d. What are No-tie shoelaces made of?

No-tie shoelaces are made of a very advanced material that reflects the latest technology in engineered elastomers.

j. Do I have to use No-tie shoelaces in all my sneakers’ eyelets?

It’s up to you; you can use as many as you want, you can leave some eyelets free or even connect your No-tie shoelaces in an uneven arrangement.


12pcs-white, 12pcs-black, 12pcs-gray, 12pcs-orange, 12pcs-pink, 12pcs-red, 12pcs-yellow, 12pcs-light blue, 12pcs-green, 12pcs-dark blue, 12pcs-dark green, 12pcs-purple, 12pcs-candy color, 10pcs-white, 10pcs-black, 10pcs-gray, 10pcs-orange, 10pcs-pink, 10pcs-red, 10pcs-yellow, 10pcs-light blue, 10pcs-green, 10pcs-dark blue, 10pcs-dark green, 10pcs-purple


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